Starting a Team


· Teams may not exceed 10 members**

· Team members must be between the ages of 9 to 14 (grades 4 to 6)

· Team members must not exceed the maximum age on January 1 of the year the Challenge is released* 

· Children may only join one (1) team

· Coaches can lead multiple teams

· Parents must fill out a Consent Form for their child to participate



· A meeting space with space available to set up a 4’ x 8’ (four-foot-by-eight-foot) playing field

· A computer with internet access

·Register for a FIRST account

· Once you know that you will have a team (you do not need all team member names yet), register your team at your national level


*Note on Age Minimums:

A student who turns 15 in May of 2014 would be eligible to compete in the Challenge released in August of 2014, whereas a child who turned 15 in December 2013 would not.


**Note on Team Size:

With growing interest in FLL, some coaches have more than 10 children wanting to join the team. If they are not in a position to form a second team, they must make the difficult decision to select the final 10 members. The 10 member policy must be enforced at all FLL events. Teams attending an event with more than 10 children will be welcome to participate to gain the valuable experience, but will not be eligible for awards.