About Festivals

Each FIRST LEGO League Explore season culminates in a celebration of learning. We call this a “Festival” and here on Long Island we typically schedule multiple events in early March.

When your team attends a Festival you will join other teams in a gym which will serve as the pit area. Your team will be assigned a table to use as your center of operations. This table is for your team and coaches only. Bleachers or chairs will be available for parents and others.

There will be a short opening ceremony in the gym.

There is no judging in FIRST LEGO League Explore, but your team, show me poster and LEGO model will be reviewed. Reviews are scheduled to be about six minutes in length. This is your team’s chance to show what they’ve learned and to tell about their experiences. The reviewers will try to ensure each team member has a chance to contribute. You do not need to prepare a formal presentation but be sure to check the coach’s handbook for more details.

Reviews will be held in classrooms near the gym. At your discretion, parents and team supporters may accompany your team in the classroom. Volunteers will help you get your team and materials in and out of the classroom, but you should plan to be mobile.

Your team will be scheduled for some additional activities as well. These include a short teamwork exercise, a chance to meet other teams and learn about their LEGO models and a break in the cafeteria. If time allows, there may be some FIRST-style line dancing!

We will have a team parade as part of the closing ceremonies. Teams often carry banners or signs, wear silly or theme-related hats or otherwise distinguish themselves. Of course, this is all optional. Team t-shirts are recommended, preferably with your team number displayed. Teams will line up for the parade outside the auditorium and then march in as their team number and name are called. You and your team will have a seat right up front. Awards will be presented at the closing ceremony and each team will receive an award.

There will be a coaches meeting where you will learn last-minute details. You will also receive a schedule for your team’s festival activities. Overall, Festivals are about four hours in length.

To get started, you’ll need to register your team for one of this season’s festivals. See the Events page for Festival listings

Finally, a word about parents and families. We certainly want to be family-friendly, but the Festival is primarily a team event. Teams will travel together within the school. Parents are welcome at the review session, but there is no room for parents and other well-wishers to accompany teams to the other demonstrations and exercises. We would appreciate your help in setting expectations for parents.

You will also need parents to complete the online consent and release form before their children can be admitted.